Carlos Hernández-Monteagudo

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  • Ashley J Ross, Shirley Ho, Antonio J Cuesta, Rita Tojeiro, Will J Percival, David Wake +50 others
  • 2011
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We compute the effect of local electrons on the CMB temperature anisotropies. The number density and distribution of free electrons in our Galaxy has been accurately measured from pulsar dispersion measurements. Because of their distribution, the dynamics of our Galaxy and the Galaxy peculiar velocity with respect to the Hubble flow, these free electrons(More)
We estimate the amount of the missing baryons detected by the Planck measurements of the cosmic microwave background in the direction of central galaxies (CGs) identified in the Sloan galaxy survey. The peculiar motion of the gas inside and around the CGs unveils values of the Thomson optical depth τ(T) in the range 0.2-2×10(-4), indicating that the regions(More)
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