Carlos Henrique Farias dos Santos

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This paper addresses the kinematics of the Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator Systems (UVMSs). Due the adittional degrees of freedom (dofs) provided by the vehicle, such systems are kinematically redundant, i.e. they possess more dofs than those required to execute a given task, and need to be solved using some redundancy technique. We present an approach based(More)
This paper proposes a fuzzy hybrid system that handles both discrete and continuous information. This system is used for motion coordination of an autonomous underwater vehicle-manipulator system (UVMS). This algorithm generates a desired trajectory for the vehicle that takes into account two control objectives: the energy savings and the increase of system(More)
 This document describes a simulated robotic soccer team (GPR-2D). The team is implemented using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy to modify the behavior of players of one team of soccer robots of the RoboCup 2D simulation category. This strategy used is a Reinforcement Learning (RL) algorithm, Q-learning. This algorithm define how each agent should(More)
A new algorithm for redundancy resolution to an autonomous underwater vehicle-manipulator system (UVMS) is proposed. The algorithm explore the benefits of using a reactive neural network architecture to impose desired motions to a virtual kinematic chain. The computer simulation results demonstrate the beneficial characteristics of our proposed method
This paper investigates the viability of applying a functional machine with a fuzzy approach for redundancy resolution to an autonomous underwater vehicle-manipulator system (UVMS). The functional machine is constructed by a linear combination of sigmoidal functions, with a topology similar to the perceptron, and its inference is developed by fuzzy logic.(More)
In this article we discuss the dynamic modelling of the propulsion system of an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), and also a method of fault tolerant control in an AUV that has four vertical and two horizontal thrusters. Firstly we made an analysis of the dynamic and kinematic effects of the vehicle, subsequently we did an analysis of dynamic propulsion(More)
Hydroelectric power plants need to ensure an uninterrupted energy supply. To achieve this objective, activities of maintenance and inspection are done periodically. The use of divers to do these maintenance in submerged areas, implied high risks for them. In this sense, the automated inspection of such facilities through underwater vehicles can be a(More)
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