Carlos Hairon R. Gonçalves

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This paper proposes a governance decision-making framework for public health care systems. It encompasses and integrates data about family homes in a new intelligent health care information system. In order to support end-user interactions, the framework has been built on the GI GA middleware developed for the Brazilian Digital TV, whose full access will be(More)
The IP+GMPLS over DWDM model has been considered a trend for the evolution of optical networks. However, a challenge that has been investigated in this model is how to achieve fast rerouting in case of DWDM failure. Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) can be used to generate proactive intelligent agents, which are able to detect failure trends in optical(More)
One of the issues that constrains the use of GMPLS protocol in DWDM links is the slow rerouting provided by GMPLS over DWDM networks.The 1+1 protection mechanism is an approach to solve it, where a backup link is employed as mirror to provide an immediate fault recovery. However, such solution is costly since a given channel must exclusively be allocated.(More)
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