Carlos H. W. Flechtmann

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In order to contribute to taxonomic information on Tetranychid mites (Acari: Tetranychidae) in South America, surveys were conducted in Brazil (15 States and the Federal District) and Uruguay (one Department); 550 samples of 120 plant species were collected. Tetranychid mite infestations were confirmed in 204 samples, and 22 species belonging to seven(More)
The female chelicera and subcapitular groove of Phytoseiulus longipes Evans are described; the presence of a large lobe on the fixed digit in P. longipes as well as in Euseius finlandicus (Ouds.) in relation to liquid feeding is discussed. The presence/absence of cuticular processes forming a “strainer mechanism” on the labrum and preoral channel is(More)
Fourteen mite species of plant-associated mites of the suborder Prostigmata are reported from the Dominican Republic. Four of these refer to new findings for the country, including Petrobia (Tetranychina) hispaniola n. sp. Sánchez & Flechtmann, described from specimens collected from leaves of Citrus sp. (Rutaceae) and Rosa sp. (Rosaceae). A key for the(More)
Emergent peritremes are primarily known from Prostigmatid mites: Pimeliaphilus sp. (Pterigosomatidae), Cheyletidae and Anystidae (Vitzthum, 1943), Trombidiidae (Baker and Wharton, 1952) and some genera of Tetranychoidea (Krantz, 1978). Such peritremes have not yet been reported from the Mesostigmata, although Krantz' (1978) figure of Heterozercon sp.(More)
Two new eriophyoid mite species are described from the cocoa tree, Theobroma cacao L. (Malvaceae) - the Diptilomiopidae Davisella trevisani n. sp. Rodrigues, Navia & Oliveira, from Brazil; and the Eriophyidae Tetra theobromae n. sp. Rodrigues, Navia & Oliveira, from Costa Rica. The new Davisella species presents an enlarged subcylindrical tubercle bearing(More)
Colomerus Newkirk & Keifer, 1971 is an eriophyid genus described by Newkirk and Keifer about 43 years ago, that contains species from all continents, except Antarctica. They live mostly on dicotyledonous plants. Colomerus novahebridensis Keifer, 1977 was described from coconut (Cocos nucifera L., Arecaceae) fruits from Vanuatu. A description of a Thai(More)
Stigmaeidae is one of the most studied mite families in Acarology, with the number of described species increasing by 44 percent in the last twenty years. To summarize the taxonomic and biological research in this family we compiled a catalogue with annotated information to nomenclature, synonymies, type localities, type depositories, host/habitat, feeding(More)
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