Carlos H. Castano

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Mitofusin 2 (MFN2) plays critical roles in both mitochondrial fusion and the establishment of mitochondria-endoplasmic reticulum (ER) interactions. Hypothalamic ER stress has emerged as a causative factor for the development of leptin resistance, but the underlying mechanisms are largely unknown. Here, we show that mitochondria-ER contacts in anorexigenic(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish some therapeutic criteria about the treatment of AVMs of III, IV and V grade of Spetzler and Martin and to analyse the results in the subgroup of preoperative embolization plus surgery. METHODS We perform a retrospective analysis of a group of 31 patients with arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) treated in our center between 1999 and(More)
Measurements of energetic charged particle and soft X-ray emissions have been performed using calibrated CR-39 plastic track and LiF/Al 2 O 3 :C-Thermo-Luminescent (TLD) detectors. It was found that during the electrolysis of thin Pd-film cathodes on the dielectric substrates, the alpha-particles ranging from 11.0-16.0 MeV and protons near 1.7 MeV are(More)
SUMMARY The Merci Retrieval System (TM) (Concentric Medical, Mountain View, CA, USA) was approved in 2004 for restoring blood flow in patients experiencing an acute stroke who are otherwise ineligible for intravenous tPA, or in whom intravenous tPA treatment has failed. However, this treatment results in successful recanalization in less than 60% of(More)
Electron transport and magnetic properties have been studied in a deformed 12.5-␮m-thick Pd foil with a thermally-grown oxide and a low residual concentration of hydrogen. This foil was deformed by cycling across the Pd hydride miscibility gap and the residual hydrogen was trapped at dislocation cores. Anomalies of both resistance and magnetic(More)
Generation of debris in extreme ultraviolet ͑EUV͒ light sources is an inherent and real threat to the lifetime of collection optics. Debris measurement of these sources is useful to enable source suppliers to estimate collector lifetime. At the Center for Plasma Material Interactions ͑CPMI͒ at the University of Illinois, an Illinois calibrated spherical(More)
The research described here includes work on fabrication techniques for reproducible thin-film electrodes. Runs with these electrodes in a newly fabricated high sensitivity calorimetry bank is shown to provide added support for earlier excess heat production observed with ultra-high proton loadings in thin film electrodes. In addition, new in-situ radiation(More)
A sensitive open-type calorimeter was used to measure excess heat production during electrolysis in Li 2 SO 4 /H 2 O solution with Pt-anode and Pd-Ni thin film cathodes 9000 Å thick, sputtered on Al 2 O 3 substrate. In order to estimate the actual performance and possible measurement errors during electrolysis in the calorimeter used, including heat(More)
iii PUBLICATION DISSERTATION OPTION This thesis or dissertation has been prepared in the form of three papers and for-mated according to Missouri S&T guidelines. The papers have been prepared in accordance with the Missouri S&T dissertation style. The paper entitled Comparison of Magnetic Probe Calibration at Nano and Millitesla Magnitudes was published in(More)
All Rights Reserved iii PUBLICATION DISSERTATION OPTION This dissertation has been prepared in three papers for publication in the style used by Missouri University of Science and Technology. Three journal articles which have been published or are under review are presented in this dissertation on various topics of the pseudospark discharge. Paper 1 "(More)