Carlos González-Martín

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We address the problem for finding the K best path trees connecting a source node with any other non-source node in a directed network with arbitrary lengths. The main result in this paper is the proof that the kth shortest path tree is adjacent to at least one of the previous (k−1) shortest path trees. Consequently, we design an O(+Km) time and O(K+m)(More)
This paper introduces a new shortest path simplex pivot rule choosing a subset of non-basic arcs to simultaneously enter into the basis. The term multiple pivot for this operation is used. From this concept, a generic shortest path simplex algorithm with multiple pivots is described. In addition, a simplex multiple pivot rule is provided to design a(More)
We introduce a new network simplex pivot rule for the shortest path simplex algorithm. This new pivot rule chooses a subset of non-basic arcs to enter into the basis simultaneously. We call to this operation multiple pivot. We show that a shortest path simplex algorithm with this pivot rule makes O(n) multiple pivots and runs in O(nm) time. This new pivot(More)
BACKGROUND The incidence of bronchial hyperreactivity has increased to one-third of the population in developed countries, which requires the adoption of preventive and therapeutic measures. The objective of the present study was to assess the effects of a traditional Mediterranean diet on patients diagnosed with childhood asthma and determine if there is a(More)