Carlos Gonçalves

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We discuss the parallelization and distribution of a workflow-based application. We present experimental results and discuss lessons learned. The experimentation is based on a scientific application case study – Sequential Simulation applied to Geostatistics. As a result we identify a list of issues not well supported in the most referenced scientific(More)
—Workflows have been successfully applied to express the decomposition of complex scientific applications. However the existing tools still lack adequate support to important aspects namely, decoupling the enactment engine from tasks specification, decentralizing the control of workflow activities allowing their tasks to run in distributed infrastructures,(More)
—Data analytic applications are characterized by large data sets that are subject to a series of processing phases. Some of these phases are executed sequentially but others can be executed concurrently or in parallel on clusters, grids or clouds. The MapReduce programming model has been applied to process large data sets in cluster and cloud environments.(More)
In this work, we evaluate the lung retinoids content to study the possible difference between male and female mice during prenatal development and to comprehend if the vitamin A metabolism is similar in both genders. The study occurred between developmental days E15 and E19, and the retinol and retinyl palmitate lung contents were determined by HPLC(More)
Elastic fibres play a crucial function during the process of lung alveolisation. During the perinatal period, any changes in the elastogenic process during foetal development may result in permanent lifetime defects. In pre-natal life, well-developed pulmonary elastic fibres should favor the pre-natal maturation of the lung and an enhanced alveolisation,(More)
Immunoaffinity columns (IACs) are a well-established tool in the determination of regulated mycotoxins in food and feed commodities. However, they also have the potential to become attractive pre-concentration and clean-up materials for the determination of masked (also called modified) mycotoxins, which have been recognised as important contributors to the(More)
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