Carlos García Gordillo

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PURPOSE To investigate the elastic properties of human lens zonules as a function of age in presbyopes. METHODS We studied 16 presbyopic human donor eyes (ages 47-97). Anterior eye sections with crystalline lens, zonules, ciliary body, and sclera were stretched radially. The stretching device consisted of a chamber filled with balanced salt solution and(More)
Chordomas located primarily in the sellar region are uncommon, and may be misdiagnosed non-functioning pituitary adenoma. Furthermore, the association of a persistent primitive trigeminal artery (PPTA) with an intrasellar chordoma is extremely rare, and no similar cases have been reported in the literature to date. The coexistence of intrasellar chordoma(More)
PURPOSE Neurocytomas are tumors or neuronal differentiation, typically located within the supratentorial ventricular system. The extraventricular location is uncommon. A limited number of cases involving the brainstem have been reported and may be misdiagnosed as brainstem gliomas. Furthermore, midbrain neurocytomas are extremely rare, and no similar cases(More)
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