Carlos García-Forero

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There is confusion in the literature concerning the concept of impulsive aggression. Based on previous research, we hypothesize that impulsivity and aggression may be related, though not as closely as to consider them the same construct. So, our aim was to provide empirical evidence of the relationship between the impulsivity and aggressiveness constructs(More)
Despite a hundred years of questionnaire testing, no consensus has been reached on the optimal number of response alternatives in rating scales. Differences in prior research may have been due to the use of various psychometric models (classical test theory, item factor analysis, and item response theory) and different performance criteria (reliability,(More)
We show how to test hypotheses for coefficient alpha in three different situations: (1) hypothesis tests of whether coefficient alpha equals a prespecified value, (2) hypothesis tests involving two statistically independent sample alphas as may arise when testing the equality of coefficient alpha across groups, and (3) hypothesis tests involving two(More)
The assessment of aggressiveness and the prediction of aggression has become a relevant research and applied topic in Psychiatry and Psychology. There have been many attempts in order to get a fast and reliable tool to measure aggression. Buss and Durkee started the pathway, and recently Bryant and Smith developed a tool with an enormous potential, a(More)
T he association between monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) and antisocial behavior is not new (1,2). What is new is the notion that under certain conditions MAOA might be able to explain the link between these conditions and antisocial behavior in adulthood (3). A few studies have given support to this association and interaction effect (4 – 6), but the subject(More)
When analyzing genetic data, Structural Equations Modeling (SEM) provides a straightforward methodology to decompose phenotypic variance using a model-based approach. Furthermore, several models can be easily implemented, tested, and compared using SEM, allowing the researcher to obtain valuable information about the sources of variability. This methodology(More)
the old debate over nature versus nurture appears interminable (Bouchard & McGue, 2002), researchers in the field of behavioural genetics are reaching a relative consensus about the influence of nature, nurture, and especially of nature via nurture (Plomin, 1994). This consensus has been reached after a number of studies spanning more than one hundred(More)
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