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PURPOSE To assess the shear bond strength obtained with a new self-etching adhesive material (Adper Prompt-L-Pop) compared with the total-etch technique and posterior application of an adhesive (Prime & Bond NT) in both primary and permanent teeth. METHODS 28 human teeth were selected (14 primary and 14 permanent). The vestibular and lingual surfaces were(More)
Two Class III cases are described which are treated first during childhood with orthopedics and later by a second stage with orthodontics using bonded braces. One case was treated solely with a chin cup and the other with a chin cup, disjunction and anterior traction. Profile and occlusion changes are analyzed and the orthopedic effect of the treatment is(More)
In this essay the authors study a problem which has been considered a "social illness" pediatric the one about child abuse, talking under the oral manifestations point of view. In this way due to the relative frequency of this appearance, the odontopediatric, must known before a traumatism orofacial, the possible existence of child abuse.
In this present work the authors state the importance of a careful anamnesis in a adenopathy in the maxillofacial pediatric area. Ever though in most cases the origin is purely dental, it can often have another etiology, such as tuberculosis.