Carlos Garbino

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The incidence of breast cancer in Latin American countries is lower than that in more developed countries, whereas the mortality rate is higher. These differences probably are related to differences in screening strategies and access to treatment. Population-based data are needed to make informed decisions. A 65-question telephone survey that included 100(More)
The authors describe a phase I trial of cisplatin plusdecitabine, a novel DNA-hypomethylating agent, in patients withadvanced solid tumors, which was followed by an early phase IIevaluation of the combination in patients with inoperablenon-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). In the phase I trial,cisplatin was studied at a fixed dose of 33 mg/m2,while decitabine(More)
Thirty-two patients with advanced gynecologic malignancies were treated with m-AMSA, 120 mg/m2 intravenously every 3 weeks. Seventeen patients with advanced carcinoma of the cervix who were treated with m-AMSA had a median performance status (CALGB scale) of 2. There were two partial responses (PR) (14%) in 16 evaluable patients. The median duration of(More)
In this report, we describe the biological and molecular characterization of a paramyxovirus type-1 (PPMV-1) isolate found in wild pigeons in an urban habitat in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Of the nine pigeons captured, three were moribund, and the other six showed diarrhea, ataxia, tremor, torticolis, and wing paralysis. The intracerebral pathogenicity index(More)
BACKGROUND The BCRF II study presents a systematic review of the norms, recommendations and guidelines that are considered medical care standards (MCS) for breast cancer in 12 Latin American and Caribbean countries. Three key questions from the BCRF I survey data on early detection and diagnosis are presented to identify implementation practice patterns(More)
The authors present the first national observation of a microgliosarcoma. The patient, a woman of 57 years old, was admitted with the clinical and paraclinical diagnosis of an intracranial mass occupying lesion. Surgical excision was incomplete, and postoperative radiotherapy was undertaken. Posteriorly, lymphoma classification criteria was used to(More)
The intracranial cisternal or supraoccipital punction in the sitting position, was undertaken in 523 cases, of which 329 presented increased intracranial pressure. The procedure must be done by experts, and was well tolerated. There were no cases of death, arterial hemorrhages or medullary lesions. In 451 cases CSF pressure was measured and CSF was(More)