Carlos Galindo

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The relative contribution of Ca2+ and Na+ channels to the mechanism underlying the action of the dihydropiridines (DHPs), nimodipine, nitrendipine and nifedipine was investigated in rat striatum synaptosomes. The rise in internal Ca2+ (Ca(i), as determined with fura-2) induced by high K+ was unchanged by the DHPs, which like tetrodotoxin (TTX) inhibited(More)
Stabilizer codes obtained via the CSS code construction and the Steane's enlargement of subfield-subcodes and matrix-product codes coming from generalized Reed-Muller, hyperbolic and affine variety codes are studied. Stabilizer codes with good quantum parameters are supplied, in particular, some binary codes of lengths 127 and 128 improve the parameters of(More)
We construct evaluation codes given by weight functions defined over polynomial rings in m ≥ 2 indeterminates. These weight functions are determined by sets of m − 1 weight functions over polynomial rings in two indeterminates defined by plane valuations at infinity. Well-suited families in totally ordered commutative groups are an important tool in our(More)
New stabilizer codes with parameters better than the ones available in the literature are provided in this work, in particular quantum codes with parameters [[127, 63, ≥ 12]]2 and [[63, 45, ≥ 6]]4 that are records. These codes are constructed with a new generalization of the Steane's enlargement procedure and by considering orthogonal subfield-subcodes(More)
We introduce the concept of δ-sequence. A δ-sequence ∆ generates a well-ordered semigroup S in Z 2 or R. We show how to construct (and compute parameters) for the dual code of any evaluation code associated with a weight function defined by ∆ from the polynomial ring in two indeterminates to a semigroup S as above. We prove that this is a simple procedure(More)
The type β transforming growth factors (TGF-βs) are involved in a number of human diseases, including heart failure and myocardial arrhythmias. In fact, during the last 20 years numerous studies have demonstrated that TGF-β affects the architecture of the heart under both normal and pathological conditions. Moreover, TGF-β signaling is currently under(More)
Self-orthogonal J-affine variety codes have been successfully used to obtain quantum stabilizer codes with excellent parameters. In a previous paper we gave formulae for the dimension of this family of quantum codes, but no bound for the minimum distance was given. In this work, we show how to derive quantum stabilizer codes with designed minimum distance(More)
Plane valuations at infinity are classified in five types. Valuations in one of them determine weight functions which take values on semigroups of $${\mathbb Z}^2$$ Z 2 . These semigroups are generated by $$\delta $$ δ -sequences in $${\mathbb Z}^2$$ Z 2 . We introduce simple $$\delta $$ δ -sequences in $${\mathbb Z}^2$$ Z 2 and study the evaluation codes(More)