Carlos G. Read

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a mixture of lower aliphatic alcohols and water] (Sigma-Aldrich),were used as received. High-quality colloidal Ag paint was purchased from SPI Supplies. Two-part epoxy [HYSOL 9460] was purchased from McMaster-Carr, and Nafion was purchased from Synthesis of Ni 2 P nanoparticles. Caution: Because this procedure involves the(More)
Amorphous tungsten phosphide (WP), which has been synthesized as colloidal nanoparticles with an average diameter of 3 nm, has been identified as a new electrocatalyst for the hydrogen-evolution reaction (HER) in acidic aqueous solutions. WP/Ti electrodes produced current densities of -10 mA cm(-2) and -20 mA cm(-2) at overpotentials of only -120 mV and(More)
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