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2Cassiano Sousa Rosa
2Tony Robillard
1Marcelo Zacharias Moreira
1Marcelo Oliveira Gonzaga
1Marcelo Ribeiro Pereira
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Species in the Polysphincta genus group, as far as is known, are exclusively koinobiont ectoparasitoids of spiders. These wasps attack their hosts, inflicting a temporary paralysis, and then lay one egg on the host’s abdomen or prosoma. Parasitoid attack behavior is highly variable among species, including occasions where the wasp darts directly and holds(More)
Crickets are often found feeding on fallen fruits among forest litter. Fruits and other sugar-rich resources are not homogeneously distributed, nor are they always available. We therefore expect that crickets dwelling in forest litter have a limited supply of sugar-rich resource, and will perceive this and displace towards resource-supplemented sites. Here(More)
Stable isotope analysis (SIA) is an important tool for investigation of animal dietary habits for determination of feeding niche. Ideally, fresh samples should be used for isotopic analysis, but logistics frequently demands preservation of organisms for analysis at a later time. The goal of this study was to establish the best methodology for preserving(More)
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