Carlos Frade

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A critical component in the design of the Chemical Effects in Biological Systems (CEBS) Knowledgebase is a strategy to capture toxicogenomics study protocols and the toxicity endpoint data (clinical pathology and histopathology). A Study is generally an experiment carried out during a period of time for the purpose of obtaining data, and the Study Design(More)
O ur situation demands a new encounter with the thought of Machiavelli, and this confrontation involves a simultaneous engagement with Machiavelli's thought and our time. However, contrary to prevalent approaches, it is neither a merely textual or scholastic exegesis nor a 'return' to Machiavelli, but an attempt to put Machiavelli's thought to work in our(More)
The IPv4 address space is quickly getting exhausted, putting a tremendous pressure on the adoption of even more NAT levels or IPv6. On the other hand, many authors propose the adoption of new Internet addressing capabilities, namely content-based addressing, to complement the existing IP host-based addressing. In this paper we propose the introduction of a(More)
This paper describes the control system for innovative airconditioning equipment, in particular an air treatment unit. The most important characteristic of the equipment is to be " friend of the environment " , in the sense that it does not use environmentally aggressive refrigerating fluids. Other main characteristic is associated with the complexity of(More)
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