Carlos Flores Fajardo

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Von Economo neurons (VENs), also known as spindle cells, have been described in layer V of the anterior cingulate (BA 24) and frontoinsular cortex (FI) of humans and other great apes. In the present study we used immunohistochemistry against two specific neuronal markers (NeuN and MAP2) in order to establish the presence of these cell types in Brodmann area(More)
In an SoC, building local storage in each accelerator is area inefficient due to the low average utilization. In this paper, we present design and implementation of Buffer-integrated-Caching (BiC), which allows many buffers to be instantiated simultaneously in caches. BiC enables cores to view portions of the SRAM as cache while accelerators access other(More)
High performance SoCs and CMPs integrate multiple cores and hardware accelerators such as network interface devices and speech recognition engines. Cores make use of SRAM organized as a cache. Accelerators make use of SRAM as special-purpose storage such as FIFOs, scratchpad memory, or other forms of private buffers. Dedicated private buffers provide(More)
Congenital lumbar hernias are rare malformations caused by defects in the development of the posterior abdominal wall. A known association exists with lumbocostovertebral syndrome; however other associated anomalies, including one case with arthrogryposis, have been previously reported. We present an infant girl with bilateral congenital lumbar hernias,(More)
Traditional approach to eliminating outliers is that we compute the sample mean µ and the sample standard deviation σ, and then, for an appropriate value k0 = 2, 3, 6, etc., we eliminate all data points outside the interval [µ−k0·σ, µ+k0·σ] as outliers. Then, we repeat this procedure with the remaining data, eliminate new outliers, etc., until on some(More)
Different seismic data compression algorithms have been developed in order to make the storage more efficient, and to reduce both the transmission time and cost. In general, those algorithms have three stages: transformation , quantization and coding. The Wavelet transform is highly used to compress seismic data, due to the capabilities of the Wavelets on(More)
INTRODUCTION Medical and nursing care of newborns is predicated on the delicate control and balance of several vital parameters. Closed incubators and open radiant warmers are the most widely used devices for the care of neonates in intensive care; however, several well-known limitations of these devises have not been resolved. The use of laminar flow is(More)
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