Carlos Fernando Teodósio Soares

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In analog designs, the most widely adopted layout practice to improve matching is the symmetrical common-centroid placement. However, this arrangement cannot be obtained in general. In this paper, it is shown that there are asymmetrical placements with a common centroid which are also immune to process gradients and suitable for designs where a symmetrical(More)
Accurate capacitance matching is one of the main design issues in switched-capacitor (SC) filters. Using identical unit capacitors in parallel to implement each filter capacitor, combined with a careful layout design, can provide an accuracy of 0.1% in the filter coefficients. The disadvantage of this technique is the fact that it can be directly applied(More)
A critical issue in the design of switched-capacitor (SC) filters is the capacitance matching, because the filter coefficients depend on capacitance relative values - capacitance ratios. The most successful design method to achieve an accurate capacitance matching employs a parallel arrangement of identical unit capacitors to implement each filter(More)
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