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The working memory (WM) system is vital to performing everyday functions that require attentive, non-automatic processing of information. However, its interaction with long term memory (LTM) is highly debated. Here, we used fMRI to examine whether a popular complex WM span task, thought to force the displacement of to-be-remembered items in the focus of(More)
INTRODUCTION Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) or concussion has been acutely associated with several cognitive symptoms, including deficits in response inhibition, working memory and motor performance. The pervasiveness of these cognitive symptoms has been more controversial. The effects of multiple concussions on neuropsychological functioning and brain(More)
Is there a common structural and functional cortical architecture that can be quantitatively encoded and precisely reproduced across individuals and populations? This question is still largely unanswered due to the vast complexity, variability, and nonlinearity of the cerebral cortex. Here, we hypothesize that the common cortical architecture can be(More)
Segregation and integration are two general principles of the brain's functional architecture. Therefore, brain network analysis is of significant importance in understanding brain function. Critical to brain network construction and analysis is the identification of reliable, reproducible, and accurate network nodes, or Regions of Interest (ROIs).(More)
Identification of regions of interest (ROIs) is a fundamental issue in brain network construction and analysis. Recent studies demonstrate that multimodal neuroimaging approaches and joint analysis strategies are crucial for accurate, reliable and individualized identification of brain ROIs. In this paper, we present a novel approach of visual analytics and(More)
Convoluted cortical folding and neuronal wiring are 2 prominent attributes of the mammalian brain. However, the macroscale intrinsic relationship between these 2 general cross-species attributes, as well as the underlying principles that sculpt the architecture of the cerebral cortex, remains unclear. Here, we show that the axonal fibers connected to gyri(More)
The multimedia content analysis community has made significant effort to bridge the gap between low-level features and high-level semantics perceived by human cognitive systems such as real-world objects and concepts. In the two fields of multimedia analysis and brain imaging, both topics of low-level features and high level semantics are extensively(More)
Functional segregation and integration are fundamental characteristics of the human brain. Studying the connectivity among segregated regions and the dynamics of integrated brain networks has drawn increasing interest. A very controversial, yet fundamental issue in these studies is how to determine the best functional brain regions or ROIs (regions of(More)
The personality traits Openness to experience and Neuroticism of the five-factor model have previously been associated with memory performance in nondemented older adults, but this relationship has not been investigated in samples with memory impairment. Our examination of 50 community-dwelling older adults (29 cognitively intact; 21 with questionable(More)