Carlos F. Leal

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Falling, and the fear of falling, is a serious health problem among the elderly. It often results in physical and mental injuries that have the potential to severely reduce their mobility, independence and overall quality of life. Nevertheless, the consequences of a fall can be largely diminished by providing fast assistance. These facts have lead to the(More)
Wireless capsule endoscopy (WCE) has revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal tract, especially the small intestine where traditional endoscopies can not reach. However, this new technology leads to the inspection of a large number of images, which is a time consuming process and also too hard by naked eyes for doctors. In this article(More)
It is generally accepted that colorectal cancer is initiated in the small pits, called crypts, that line the colon. Normal crypts exhibit a regular pit pattern, similar in two-dimensions to a U-shape, but aberrant crypts display different patterns, and in some cases show bifurcation. According to several medical articles, there is an interest in correlating(More)
Colorectal cancer is initiated in colonic crypts as a consequence of alterations leading to the disruption of the normal colonic cellular process. We propose a model, which couples a convection-diffusion type equation with a level set equation, for tracking the time evolution of an epithelial cell set, inside a colonic crypt, until it reaches the top of the(More)
We prove the conical differentiability of the solution to a bone remodeling contact rod model, for given data (applied loads and rigid obstacle), with respect to small perturbations of the cross section of the rod. The proof is based on the special structure of the model, composed of a variational inequality coupled with an ordinary differential equation(More)
Currently, a number of studies focus on the study and design of new healthcare technologies to improve elderly health and quality of life. Taking advantage of the popularity, portability, and inherent technology of smartphones, we present an emergency application for smartphones, designated as knock-to-panic (KTP). This innovative and novel system enables(More)
We analyze the shape semiderivative of the solution to an asymptotic nonlinear adaptive elastic rod model, derived in Figueiredo and Trabucho [Math. Mech. Solids, 9 (2004), pp. 331–354], with respect to small perturbations of the cross section. The rod model is defined by generalized Bernoulli–Navier elastic equilibrium equations and an ordinary(More)
Wireless Capsule Endoscope (WCE) is an innovative imaging device that permits physicians to examine all the areas of the Gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It is especially important for the small intestine, where traditional invasive endoscopies cannot reach. Although WCE represents an extremely important advance in medical imaging, a major drawback that remains(More)
Several explanations can be found in the literature about the origin of colorectal cancer. There is however some agreement on the fact that the carcinogenic process is a result of several genetic mutations of normal cells. The colon epithelium is characterized by millions of invaginations, very small cavities, called crypts, where most of the cellular(More)