Carlos Esteban López

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We present the third installment of the Yale/San Juan Southern Proper Motion Catalog, SPM3. Absolute proper motions, positions, and photographic B,V photometry are given for roughly 10.7 million objects, primarily stars, down to a magnitude of V=17.5. The Catalog covers an irregular area of 3700 square degrees, between the declinations of-20 • and-45 • ,(More)
In March 2002, typhus fever was diagnosed in two patients residing in West Virginia and Georgia. Both patients were hospitalized with severe febrile illnesses, and both had been recently exposed to or had physical contact with flying squirrels or flying squirrel nests. Laboratory results indicated Rickettsia prowazekii infection. T yphus fever from(More)
Experimental measurements of laminar fl ame speed for premixed methane-air fl ames were carried out for different equivalence ratios at subatmospheric conditions, 852 mbar and 298 K. The fl ames were obtained using a rectangular port burner with a water cooler system necessary to maintain the temperature of the mixture constant. An ICCD camera was used to(More)
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