Carlos Ernesto Carrillo Arellano

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Spectrum Sensing and Spectrum Decision making are the main functions that cognitive radios have to perform in order to select the ‘best available band’ for the establishment of a wireless communication. We model the Spectrum Decision making functionality with multiple attributes and we propose a novel use of the Analytic Hierarchy Process to(More)
The distributed coordination function (DCF) may reduce the potential of network coding in 802.11 wireless networks. Due to the randomness of DCF, the coding delay, defined as the time that a packet must wait for a coding opportunity, may increase and degrade the network performance. In this paper, we study the potential impact of the coding delay in the(More)
Despite the significative differences between ad hoc networks and Infrastructure Wireless Mesh Networks (iWMNs), the routing schemes designed specifically for the formers have been considered as a potential solution for the routing dilemma in the latter; however, the performance and effects of such approach have not been deeply studied. In this paper we(More)
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