Carlos Enes

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Recently, surgical intervention has gained increasing support in adolescents with extreme obesity. This study summarizes the analysis into the effect of laparoscopic adjustable gastric bands (LAGB) on cardiovascular risk factors in 14 extremely obese Portuguese adolescent patients. Data collected both pre- and postoperatively included age, gender, body mass(More)
The term intersex makes reference to either newborn infants who show ambiguous external genitals or those who, having a normal phenotype, show growth alterations in the puberty. The etiologic diagnostic is oriented by the physical examination, biochemical studies, radiologic, surgical techniques and histological discoveries; that enables us to decide one(More)
The authors present two case reports of cystic rectal duplication which presented as rectal prolapse. Two girls, caucasian race, 8 months and 12 years old, went to the emergency department because of a rectal prolapse. After the diagnosis surgical excision was performed by transanal approach. The post-operative period was short and uneventful. Histological(More)
INTRODUCTION Children all over the world are increasingly becoming overweight and obese. The experience with adults has demonstrated that surgery is the only effective way of achieving sustained weight loss in obese patients. Simultaneously, it has been proposed that bariatric surgery in the adolescent period would be a more effective treatment for(More)
We present the extremely rare case of a male newborn with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome (BWS) presenting as delayed abdominal wall closure and neonatal intussusception. Fetal ultrasound had shown omphalocele that resolved spontaneously. When feeding was attempted, he had various episodes of vomiting. An x-ray showed signs of high bowel obstruction. Jejunal(More)
INTRODUCTION AND AIM In Portugal, there is very few experience in pediatric retroperitoneoscopy. The authors present the first Portuguese series of retroperitoneal laparoscopic nephrectomies (RLN) in children younger than nine years-old, as well as a literature review about the theme. MATERIAL AND METHODS Retrospective analysis of clinical charts of all(More)
Acute gastric volvulus in infancy is a rare disorder and a surgical emergency. Prompt clinical suspicion and radiological assessment are essential for this life-threatening condition. We report a 3-month-old female case, admitted for an initial suspicion of an intestinal obstruction. She presented unproductive retching, respiratory distress, epigastric(More)
Objective. To describe a simplified technique already used in our institution for several years in the open heminephrectomy for duplication anomalies, now performed through a retroperitoneal laparoscopic approach. Methods. The technique begins with upper pole parenchyma incision since the demarcation between the affected upper moiety and the healthy lower(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment of varicocoele is aimed at eliminating the retrograde reflux of venous blood through the internal spermatic veins. The purpose of this investigation was to compare laparoscopic varicocoelectomy (LV) with open high ligation technique in the adolescent population. MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively evaluated 33 adolescents who(More)
Infantile hepatic hemangioendothelioma is a severe disease with a high mortality rate. Nevertheless these vascular lesions may experience spontaneous regression within 12 to 18 months. The decision of trying a specific treatment and the choice among the several therapeutic options remains controversial, particularly in those asymptomatic cases of(More)