Carlos Emparan

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BACKGROUND In the setting of minimal approach Sestamibi-guided parathyroid surgery for primary hyperparathyroidism we evaluated if total serum calcium level monitoring is as valuable as intraoperative parathyroid hormone (iPTH) monitoring. STUDY DESIGN Prospective open single-blinded efficacy trial of two intraoperative diagnostic monitoring methods (iPTH(More)
n = 8); (2) clean-contaminated: cholecystectomy and biliary tract surgery ( n = 8); and (3) contaminated: appendectomy ( n = 8). Depending on their CD4 count, two groups were formed: one with 200 to 500 cells/ml ( n = 11) and the other with < 200 cells/ml ( n = 13). When surgical infection was suspected, surgical drainage and microbiologic cultures were(More)
OBJECTIVE To find out the incidence of wound infection in patients with HIV and reduced counts of CD4 lymphocytes. DESIGN Open study. SETTING University hospital, Spain. SUBJECTS 70 patients with HIV infection and enlarged lymph nodes. INTERVENTIONS Biopsy of lymph nodes and withdrawal of a sample of blood for counts of CD4 lymphocytes and(More)
INTRODUCTION The EuroTransplant "old to old" program establishes that patients older than 60 years can receive offers of organs from donors older than 60 years. The compromised function of these organs makes it a priority to preserve their initial kidney function. HYPOTHESIS Calcineurin-sparing protocols using anti-IL-2 receptor (IL-2R) antibody induction(More)
INTRODUCTION Markov models are employed in economic analyses to evaluate all possible expectations in a dilemna. The introduction of a new clinical protocol (Basiliximab induction with calcineurin-sparing protocols) for a group of kidney transplant recipients receiving organs from marginal donors was validated with a Markov simulation model, demonstrating(More)
INTRODUCTION EuroTransplant old-to-old program allows patients older than 60 years to receive offers from donors older than 60. The long-term results of kidney transplantation in this model are still under discussion, due to the impaired kidney function of the donor and cumulative diseases in the recipient. HYPOTHESIS Calcineurin-sparing protocols with(More)
BACKGROUND The pre-operative differentiation of tumors of the pancreas, Papilla of Vater and the biliary tract is still unsatisfactory. Tumor marker analysis of the pancreatic juice did not improve the pre-operative diagnosis by a great deal. METHODS Bile from resected gallbladders of patients suffering from carcinomas of the pancreato-biliary system was(More)
We report a rare case of achalasia coexistent with megacolon. The patient, a 25-year-old woman, presented at our hospital with a history of abdominal pain with distension, and was finally operated on for a megacolon. Five months later she presented symptoms of progressive dysphagia and heartburn. Oesophageal manometry of the upper and lower oesophageal(More)
BACKGROUND Acute abdominal pain due to complicated Meckel's diverticulum is an unusual event. Even the presence of biliary enterolithiasis at the onset of inflamed congenital diverticulum has rarely been reported previously. RESULTS Despite this unusual presentation, an episode of gallstone passage through the biliary tract has not yet been described. (More)