Carlos Eduardo de Mattos Bicudo

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Locally called IAG pond, system is a small, oligotrophic, shallow, urban reservoir located in the Parque Estadual das Fontes do Ipiranga Biological Reserve, south of São Paulo municipality, southeastern Brazil. Study was carried out in two phases to cover the two climatic periods (dry and rainy) that characterize the area. Daily samples were collected on(More)
This study aimed at evaluating phytoplankton as a monitoring tool for water quality assessment in an urban shallow eutrophic reservoir considering temporal and vertical scales. Garças Reservoir is located in the Parque Estadual das Fontes do Ipiranga Biological Reserve (23°38′08″S and 23°40′18″S; 46°36′48″W and 46°38′00″W) that lies in the southeastern part(More)
This study aimed at describing the phytoplankton dynamics and structure in a shallow eutrophic reservoir, the Garças Pond, located in the Parque Estadual das Fontes do Ipiranga (23°38′40.6′′ S, 46°37′28.0′′ W), in the Municipality of São Paulo, southeast Brazil. Samples were collected monthly from January to December 1997 in five depths (subsurface, 1 m, 2(More)
Adaptive strategies of desmids in two tropical monomictic lakes were studied in relation to morphometric differences. The study aimed at evaluating desmids' strategies during inter-annual succession patterns in two tropical lakes (Dom Helvécio and Carioca) in southeast Brazil. From monthly samples of freshwater algae collected during five consecutive years(More)
Euglenophyceae (phototrophic euglenids) are an important lineage within the Euglenida, Euglenozoa. Most of the approximately 3000 described species are free-living, phototrophic, unicellular flagellates with one to several plastids of secondary origin, three bounding membranes and chlorophylls a and b; but, the lineage also includes colorless species that(More)
(Effects of nutrient impoverishment on phytoplankton biomass: a mesocosms experimental approach in a shallow eutrophic reservoir (Garças Pond), São Paulo, southeast Brazil). Nutrient impoverishment in mesocosms was carried out in a shallow eutrophic reservoir aiming to evaluate the nutrient removal technique as a method for eutrophication reduction. Garças(More)
This study aimed at evaluating the phytoplankton adaptive strategies of phytoplankton in a shallow urban eutrophic tropical reservoir, Garças Reservoir, over temporal and vertical scales. Samples were taken monthly for eight consecutive years (1997–2004) at a fixed set of depths in the water column. At the beginning, the reservoir was eutrophic with 20% of(More)
Study aimed at evaluating phytoplankton biodiversity changes in a shallow tropical reservoir during its hypertrophication process. Samplings were carried out monthly during 8 consecutive years (1997-2004) in 5 depths. Conspicuous limnological changes in the reservoir derived from the presence and/or removal of the water hyacinth, characterized 3 different(More)
The vertical and diurnal variation of nitrogen and phosphorus forms, as well as that of soluble reactive silica (SRS), were studied in four sampling days at Gar9as reservoir, a shallow tropical one located in the city of São Paulo, in southeastern Brazil. Except for N-NH4, all other inorganic forms of nitrogen (N-NO2, N-NO3, and total N) demonstrated(More)