Carlos Eduardo Trabuco Dórea

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The concept of set-invariance is applied to the design of full-order state observers with limitation of the estimation error, for discrete-time linear systems subject to unknown but bounded persistent disturbances and measurement noise. It is shown that if the initial error belongs to a D-(C, A)-invariant set, then it can be kept in this set by means of a(More)
This paper addresses the problem of constructing controlled invariant polyhedral sets for linear discrete-time descriptor systems subject to state and control constraints and persistent disturbances. Regardless the large number of contributions on set invariance for linear systems in the standard form, there are few works dealing with set invariance(More)
− This paper proposes the use of feedback linearization for the characterization of thermoresistive sensors and for the control of measurement systems based on thermoresistive sensors kept at constant temperature. Two important benefits brought by feedback linearization are: regarding sensor characterization, it allows the determination of static and(More)