Carlos Eduardo Pereira

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This work presents a proposal to use aspect orientation in the analysis and design of distributed embedded real-time systems (DERTS). These systems have several requirements directly related to their main characteristics, the so-called non-functional requirements (NFR), which refer to orthogonal properties, conditions, and restrictions that are spread out(More)
Model-driven design (MDD) can be perceived in the recent literature as an option to deal with the increasing complexity of the design of distributed embedded real-time systems (DERTS). This paper reports some results of a research project aiming to support a MDD approach, which applies concepts of the aspect-oriented (AO) paradigm in order to improve the(More)
The partitioning of applications into hardware and software is an important issue in embedded systems, opening room for high level specifications as well as the exploration of different implementation strategies. This paper presents a software architecture to specify threads in hardware in the context of the real time specification for Java (RTSJ) standard.(More)
Distributed factory automation systems benefit from field-busses which, in general, provide support for reliable and timely communication. These field-busses, however, provide rather low level communication objects and their features regarding quality aspects of communication are difficult to assess and use for applications. The paper presents COSMIC(More)
Recent advances in technology enable the creation of complex industrial systems comprising mechanical, electrical, and logical – software – components. It is clear that new project techniques are demanded to support the design of such systems. At design phase, it is extremely important to raise abstraction level in earlier stages of product development in(More)
BACKGROUND In femoropopliteal bypass surgery, the use of saphenous vein grafts is preferable, but synthetic grafts are widely used above the knee. The objective of this meta-analysis was to assess the long-term patency of femoropopliteal bypass grafts classified as above-knee polytetrafluoroethylene, above-knee saphenous vein, or below-knee saphenous vein.(More)
The design of modern embedded systems becomes more complex every day, due to the increasing amount of components and distinct functionalities incorporated into a single system. To address this situation, projects' abstraction level is continuously raised. In addition, techniques to speed up the code production process have emerged. These new trends lead to(More)
This paper presents SIMOO-RT, an object-oriented framework designed to support the whole development cycle of real-time industrial automation systems. It is based on the concept of distributed active objects, which are autonomous execution entities that have their own thread of control, and that interact with each other by means of remote methods(More)
This work presents a virtual learning environment which uses a distributed mixed reality remote experiment for professional education in the area of Mechatronics. The proposed collaborative environment makes use of the system named deriveSERVER, which has been developed by the Bremen University, and extends it, in order to allow the integration with remote(More)