Carlos Eduardo Molinari Nardi

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OBJECTIVE to analyze the value of fine needle aspiration and the rates of postoperative complications in patients undergoing resection of the submandibular gland. METHODS we analyzed the records of patients treated with resection of the gland from January 1995 to December 2008. The data collected included age, gender, findings on clinical history,(More)
CONTEXT Parathyroid cysts are rare clinical and pathological entities, with less than 300 cases reported. The inferior parathyroid glands are most commonly involved, with left-side predominance. Parathyroid cysts may be functional or nonfunctional, depending on their association with hypercalcemia. CASE REPORT A 25-year-old man presented a palpable(More)
UNLABELLED Hypocalcemia can be detected clinically and through lab tests after thyroidectomy. AIM To analyze the incidence and risk factors of clinical and laboratorial hypocalcemia after thyroid surgery. METHODS Prospective study of 91 patients undergoing thyroidectomy. Demographics, intraoperative, and pathological aspects were correlated to our(More)
Schwannoma is a benign encapsulated tumor that originates from the Schwann cells lining nerve fibers outside the central nervous system. We report a rare case of schwannoma that arose from the left arythenoid cartilage The patient underwent excision of the mass through microlaryngeal endoscopic procedure. No recurrence was observed during follow-up.
Lipoblastoma and lipoblastomatosis are rare benign soft-tissue tumoral lesions resembling fetal adipose tissue. A total of 16 cases of lipoblastoma of the neck were reported in the literature, and only 3 were described in the posterior side of the neck. Hibernoma is a rare benign adipose tumor composed of brown fat cells and only about ten cases occurring(More)
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