Carlos E. T. Dórea

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This paper focuses on the trajectory tracking control problem of a four wheeled omni directional mobile robot. The controller architecture considers both the kinematic and the dynamic control in a cascade structure, where a model predictive controller (MPC) is used to control the robot dynamics. Part of the control effort is used to compensate the friction(More)
This paper aims to present the use of Neural Networks (NN) to approximate the input-output map manifold for online output injection laws in the context of observers with error limitation. The set invariance approach is applied for computation of as small as possible conditioned invariant sets that confine the estimation error of a full-order observer.(More)
In active orthoses for paraplegic users, it is essential that the devices replicate the user's leg movements. This is usually performed through joint position control, where each orthosis joint follows a specific angle trajectory as a reference. The most commonly used approach for generating this required references is to create a set of average joint(More)
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