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  • Camila Zogbi, Ana E. T. Saturi de Carvalho, Juliana S. Nakamuta, Viviane de M. Caceres, Silvana Prando, Maria C. P. Giorgi +3 others
  • 2014
One-day-old mice display a brief capacity for heart regeneration after apex resection. We sought to examine this response in a different model and to determine the impact of this early process on long-term tissue perfusion and overall cardiac function in response to stress. Apical resection of postnatal rats at day 1 (P1) and 7 (P7) rendered 18 ± 1.0% and(More)
Multislice computed tomography (MSCT) for the noninvasive detection of coronary artery stenoses is a promising candidate for widespread clinical application because of its non-invasive nature and high sensitivity and negative predictive value as found in several previous studies using 16 to 64 simultaneous detector rows. A multi-centre study of CT coronary(More)
BACKGROUND Although there have been recent advances in echocardiography, many studies remain suboptimal due to poor image quality and unclear blood-myocardium border. We developed a novel image processing technique, cardiac variability imaging (CVI), based on the variance of pixel intensity values during passage of ultrasound microbubble contrast into the(More)
  • João L. A. A. Falcão, Breno A. A. Falcão, Swaminatha V. Gurudevan, Carlos M. Campos, Expedito R. Silva, Roberto Kalil-Filho +4 others
  • 2015
BACKGROUND The diagnostic accuracy of 64-slice MDCT in comparison with IVUS has been poorly described and is mainly restricted to reports analyzing segments with documented atherosclerotic plaques. OBJECTIVES We compared 64-slice multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) with gray scale intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) for the evaluation of coronary lumen(More)
BACKGROUND Chagas' heart disease is an important public health problem in South America. Several aspects of the pathogenesis are not fully understood, especially in its subclinical phases. On pathology Chagas' heart disease is characterized by chronic myocardial inflammation and extensive myocardial fibrosis. The latter has also been demonstrated by late(More)