Carlos E. Manzanares

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A dual-beam thermal lens technique has been used to obtain the absorption spectrum of the (Deltav = 6) C-H stretch of liquid methane and methane in liquid argon solutions. The lowest concentration detected was 1 x 10(-3) (mole fraction) of CH(4) in liquid Ar with a continuous wave laser power of 20 mW. The thermal lens signal is linear with the mole(More)
This article presents a collection of vibrational overtone spectra of hydrocarbons in cryogenic solutions. Vibrational overtone spectra of ethane and propane dissolved in liquid argon and n-butane and isobutane dissolved in liquid krypton were recorded between 5000 and 14,000 cm(-1). Spectral regions for the first four overtones were measured using a(More)
The C-H (Delta upsilon = 6) absorption spectrum of methane has been obtained in liquid nitrogen and argon solutions using thermal lens spectroscopy. Mathematical models for continuous and periodic excitation were used to describe the concentration dependence of thermal lens intensities. Better fitting of the experimental results was accomplished by taking(More)
The C-H stretch fundamental and overtone absorptions of CHD(3) have been obtained using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR), near-infrared, and phase shift and pulsed cavity ring down (CRD) techniques at temperatures between 84 and 297 K. The partially resolved rotational-vibrational spectra of CHD(3) that included the fundamental transition nu(1), the(More)
Phase shift cavity ring down and Fourier transform IR techniques have been used to observe the C-H stretch fundamental and overtone absorptions of the acetylenic (Δυ = 1-5) and methyl (Δυ = 1-6) C-H bonds of trimethyl-silyl-acetylene [(CH3)3CSi≡CH] at 295 K. Harmonic frequencies ω(ν1), ω(a), and ω(s) and anharmonicities x(ν1), ω(a)x(a), ω(s)x(s) were(More)
The A-band of oxygen has been measured at low resolution at temperatures between 90 K and 373 K using the phase shift cavity ring down (PS-CRD) technique. For temperatures between 90 K and 295 K, the PS-CRD technique presented here involves an optical cavity attached to a cryostat. The static cell and mirrors of the optical cavity are all inside a vacuum(More)
The vibrational overtone spectra of the acetylenic (Δυ = 4, 5) and methyl (Δυ = 5, 6) C-H stretch transitions of tert-butyl acetylene [(CH(3))(3)C-C≡C-H] were obtained using the phase shift cavity ring down (PS-CRD) technique at 295 K. The C-H stretch fundamental and overtone absorptions of the acetylenic (Δυ = 2 and 3) and methyl (Δυ = 2-4) C-H bonds have(More)
The solubility of ethylene (H2C=CH2), propyne (CH3-C≡C-H), 2-methyl-2-butene (CH3-CH=C(CH3)2), and isoprene or 2-methyl-1, 3-butadiene (H2C=C(CH3)-CH=CH2) in liquid argon has been measured using mid-infrared and near-infrared (NIR) absorption. Spectra were recorded in the C-H infrared (IR) region. Spectra were obtained at increasing solution composition(More)
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