Carlos E. Gómez

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Ocean acidification can have negative repercussions from the organism to ecosystem levels. Octocorals deposit high-magnesium calcite in their skeletons, and according to different models, they could be more susceptible to the depletion of carbonate ions than either calcite or aragonite-depositing organisms. This study investigated the response of the(More)
The ecological and evolutionary processes that interact to shape community structure are poorly studied in the largest environment on earth, the deep sea. Phylogenetic data and morphological traits of octocorals were coupled with environmental factors to test hypotheses of community assembly in the deep (250–2500 m) Gulf of Mexico. We found lineage turnover(More)
We address the challenge of both harvesting idle CPU resources on off-the-shelf desktops donated to Desktop Grid Computing while at once limiting the slowdown generated to the resource owner, also known as end-user, to customized values. In this context, slowdown is studied as the increase in completion times of end-user tasks while a Desktop Grid harvests(More)
The purpose of this study of 103 patients was to present a statistical analysis of the relationship between the size of the preadenoid space and the measurements that determine the vertical and anterior-posterior relationship between the maxilla and the mandible, which could disturb the facial type. This study also analyzes the relationship of mouth(More)
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