Carlos DoNascimiento

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The catalog of type specimens of freshwater fishes deposited in the Colección de Peces Dulceacuícolas del Instituto de Investigación de Recursos Biológicos Alexander von Humboldt (IAvH-P) is presented. This list includes 483 specimens in 65 lots representing 11 holotypes and 472 paratypes of 48 nominal species. Corrections, additions, and updating of(More)
Biological collections are sources of knowledge, particularly critical to understand life when they house specimens from megadiverse countries. However, the scientific value of biological collections is usually unknown because the lack of an explicit link between knowledge and specimens. Here we compiled 628 papers from 152 journals that used collection(More)
Trichomycteridae is the second most diverse family of the order Siluriformes, its members are widely distributed through the freshwaters of Central and South America, exhibiting an exceptional ecological and phenotypic disparity. The most diverse subfamily, Trichomycterinae, represented mainly by the genus Trichomycterus, historically has been recognized as(More)
Trichomycterus tetuanensis, new species, is described from the río Tetuan, upper río Magdalena basin in Colombia. The new species is distinguished by its margin of caudal fin conspicuously emarginate, in combination with a high number of opercular odontodes (21-39), reflected externally in the large size of the opercular patch of odontodes, 3 irregular rows(More)
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