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Several studies have highlighted the use of serological data in detecting a reduction in malaria transmission intensity. These studies have typically used serology as an adjunct measure and no formal examination of sample size calculations for this approach has been conducted. A sample size calculator is proposed for cross-sectional surveys using data(More)
Missingness in explanatory variables requires a model for the covariates even if the interest lies only in a conditional model for the outcomes given the covariates. An incorrect specification of the models for the covariates or for the missingness mechanism may lead to biased inferences for the parameters of interest. Previously published articles either(More)
The giant squid (Dosidicus gigas) lives mainly in the oceanic environment, but also occurs in neritic (relatively shallow) environments, and makes horizontal and vertical migrations. It is a physiologically tolerant species, characterized by opportunistic consumption habits and is also considered an ecologically important species, acting as predator and(More)
We analyze results from determinations of peak areas for a radioactive source containing several radionuclides. The statistical analysis was performed using Bayesian methods based on the usual Poisson model for observed counts. This model does not appear to be a very good assumption for the counting system under investigation, even though it is not(More)
Complex binary traits result from an intricate network of genetic and environmental factors. To aid their genetic dissection, several generalized linear models have been used to detect interaction between genes. However, it is recognized that these models have limited genetic interpretation. As an attempt to overcome this problem, we have previously(More)
Supervised and unsupervised selection of genes in microarray data 73 Fatma Haouari and Mohamed Limam Gene expression measures of oligonucleotide microarray technology 85 A new limiting distribution for a statistical test for the homogeneity of two multinomial populations 127 Foreword This volume contains a selection of papers (invited and contributed)(More)
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