Carlos D. Heras

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We present a method to generate an optical reference comb signal with subpicometer wavelength accuracy. XPM nonlinear effect in a fiber is used to get an optical frequency comb signal, free of frequency chirp and wavelength instabilities, from a pulsed gain-switched laser diode. Principles of such comb generation are presented as well as the application of(More)
A novel technique is introduced for jitter-insensitive sub-KHz resolution linewidth characterization technique in ultra-narrow lasers for optical communication applications. The technique is based on self-heterodyne detection induced by Stimulated Brillouin Scattering (SBS). Non linear SBS drives the heterodyne mixing through optical frequency locking of a(More)
In this work a full characterization in the Stokes space is presented of diverse polarization issues associated with non-linear effects such as Cross Phase Modulation (XPM) and Four Wave Mixing (FWM). A high resolution spectral polarimetry technique has been applied that allows simultaneous visualization of the polarization parameters in the full spectral(More)
We report on an in-band optical signal-to-noise ratio monitoring technique for wavelength division multiplexed channels. Our proposal relies on the different degree of polarization between the signal (highly polarized) and the noise (not polarized). Using this principle, we divide the signal under test into two orthogonal polarization components and induce(More)
Suitable use of stimulated Brillouin amplification (SBA) effect for selective single peak amplification in an optical frequency comb is demonstrated to provide high accuracy in optical frequency metrology. A pump wave generated by a tunable laser source (TLS) is used to stimulate SBA of such optical comb along an optical fiber and selectively amplify only(More)
We present the results of an experiment for frequency and polarization dependence characterization of non-linear cross-phase-modulation (XPM) effects in optical fibers. The measurement technique is based on the direct analysis of high-resolution optical spectra of a signal wave that is phase modulated by an intensity-modulated pump wave. Measurement results(More)
A high-resolution light intensity spectrum analyzer technique to derive the RF modulation spectrum of optical signals is presented and experimentally confirmed. It uses the XPM nonlinear effect in a dispersion shifted fiber to obtain the light intensity spectrum, and a Brillouin optical filtering method to implement the high resolution spectrometric(More)
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