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In this paper a fuzzy approach for image retrieval on the basis of color features is presented. The proposal deals with vagueness in the color description and introduces the use of fuzzy database models to store and retrieve imprecise data. To face the color description, the concept of dominant fuzzy color is proposed, using linguistic labels for(More)
The object-relational database management systems (ORDBMS) appear due to the common acceptance of the object oriented paradigm and its integration with relational databases, combining the powerful modelling capabilities of the object oriented model and the robustness of relational model. ORDBMSs user defined types allow to create a framework for fuzzy(More)
UNLABELLED Highly glycosylated apomucins are important to maintain the viscoelastic properties of the mucus. Changes in their expression are frequently associated with inflammatory and neoplastic conditions. We analyzed the expression of apomucins in normal respiratory tract (n = 8) and compared it with distal, peritumoral, and tumoral epithelia from(More)
The paper presents a fuzzy database management system, and a fuzzy method for dominant colour description of images, on which an image retrieval system is built. The paper shows the suitability of the fuzzy database management system for this kind of applications when the images are characterized by fuzzy data. The synergy of these two introduced(More)
AbstrAct This chapter introduces a fuzzy object-relational database model including fuzzy extensions of the basic object-relational databases constructs, the user-defined data types, and the collection types. The fuzzy extensions of these constructs focus on two main flexible aspects, a way to flexibly compare complex data types and an extension of(More)
— This paper presents a novel approach for medical image storage using a Fuzzy Object-Relational Database Management System (FORDBMS). The system stores medical images along with a set of parameters describing their content. Flexible queries can be performed over these parameters to retrieve images matching visually. To illustrate the capabilities of the(More)