Carlos Cruz

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This paper provides a survey of the research done on optimization in dynamic environments over the past decade. We show an analysis of the most commonly used problems, methods and measures together with the newer approaches and trends, as well as their interrelations and common ideas. The survey is supported by a public web repository, located at(More)
In vertebrates, Evx homeodomain transcription factor-encoding genes are expressed in the posterior region during embryonic development, and overexpression experiments have revealed roles in tail development in fish and frogs. We analyzed the molecular mechanisms of posterior neural development and axis formation regulated by eve1. We show that eve1 is(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic refractory angina is a challenging clinical problem with limited treatment options. The results of early cardiovascular stem cell trials using ABMMC have been promising but have utilized intracoronary or intramyocardial delivery. The goal of the study was to evaluate the safety and early efficacy of autologous bone marrow derived(More)
Sexism and sexual harassment are not uncommon in online environments such as social networking sites, forums, and video games. This experiment investigated whether users' anonymity and level of interactivity with sexist content on social media influenced sexist attitudes and offline behavior. Participants (N = 172) used a Twitter account that was anonymous(More)
Research on video game violence has found largely consistent evidence that violence in video games tends to be associated with an increase in antisocial behavior. However, this body of work has mostly ignored one prominent feature of many violent games: moral decision making. It is possible that the influence of video game violence could change when moral(More)
Nature is an unlimited source of resilient, robust, fine tuned, complex mechanisms and phenomena which have been the subject of exploration and exploitation in science and engineering. In particular, understanding complex cooperative systems in nature has driven computer scientists and practitioners to outstanding developments ranging from versatile models(More)
Novelty-seeking temperament is defined as the reaction to novel or risk situations and objects, and by the global disposition to explore such stimuli. Our purpose was to describe and compare this trait in primates. For this purpose, a risk-taking Index, a curiosity index, and a novelty-seeking index were correlated to several biosocial variables using 22(More)