Carlos Coutinho

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Porifera [sponges] represent the lowest metazoan phylum, probably already existing prior to the 'Cambrian explosion'. Based on amino acid sequences deduced from cDNAs that code for structural proteins, the monophyly of Metazoa was established. Now we analyzed for the first time a promoter of a sponge gene for its activity in a heterologous cell system from(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the occurrence of baculovirus infections in mosquitoes and characterize them by using molecular tools. Fortnightly collections were made of mosquito larvae in the city of Caraguatatuba. Six larvae of Culex quinquefasciatus were isolated that had white cysts (nodules) in epithelia cells of the posterior midgut, indicative(More)
In the actual competitive and global business context, the maintenance of interoperation among heterogeneous organisations in a collaborative environment becomes difficult to achieve. Hence, in a dynamic context a change in any of the networked partners affects the others, creating difficulties to sustain the interoperability of the networked environment.(More)
The competition inherent to globalisation has led enterprises to gather in nests of specialised business providers with the purpose of building better applications and provide more complete solutions. This, added to the improvements on the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), led to a paradigm shift from product-centrism to service-centrism(More)