Carlos Cortina

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We determined the respiration rate, respiratory control and ADP/O ratios, with different substrates in mitochondria isolated from seven patients with chronic spinal muscular atrophy and compared them with normal human muscle. In all cases studied, a severe alteration of the respiratory control with variable derangement of oxidative phosphorylation was(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effects of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors in hypertensive patients with aortic valve stenosis (AS). DESIGN Observational, drug withdrawal, single blinded study, with randomisation of the order of tests. SETTING Hypertension and asymptomatic AS. PATIENTS AND INTERVENTIONS 20 patients (aged 73 (9) years, valve(More)
We report two new cases of symptomatic paroxysmal non-kinesigenic dystonia. The first is a 68-year-old woman with paroxysmal spontaneous dystonic spasms in her right arm lasting 1 minute. They occurred 1-2/day, a few months after a cerebral infarction (left internal capsule and left lenticular nucleus) which occurred 6 years ago. The second is a 30-year-old(More)
We describe a 26 year-old woman with cervical plexopathy with damage of left superficial or cutaneous branches, and left cervical sensory dorsal rami. Picture began acutely and vanished few days later. We ruled out known etiologies like traumatisms, tumours and surgical and anaesthetic complicated procedures, therefore the patient suffered an idiopathic(More)
OBJECTIVE Cerebral biopsy is an invasive technique with limited, specific indications in view of the potential risk of complications. PATIENTS AND METHODS We reviewed a series of 50 cases of biopsies via craniotomy done over a period of 10 years to investigate suspected non tumoural disorders. RESULTS There was a predominance of space occupying lesions(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize clinically patients with cognitive impairment and frontal lobe degeneration at neuroimaging. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients diagnosed of dementia or mild neurocognitive impairment by DSM IV criteria and neuropsychological tests with frontal lobe atrophy and hipoperfusion detected by computed tomography and single photon emission(More)
We report two cases of superficial siderosis of central nervous system. In one case it was idiopathic and in the other secondary to an unidentified subarachnoid hemorrhage. The symptoms that characterized the clinical picture of both were gait disturbance and hypoacusis. The MRI study showed a superficial rim of hypointensity that covered the cerebellum and(More)