Carlos Coronado

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This paper builds on the multi-time signature scheme proposed by Merkle. We prove that the original scheme is existentially unforgeable under adaptive chosen message attack. Moreover, we present an improved version which has three advantages: It is provably forward secure. The number of signatures that can be made with one private key is — in a practical(More)
For a period of 22 months beginning in September 2003, an array of four current profilers were deployed on the Puerto Morelos fringing reef lagoon, a microtidal Caribbean environment characterised by the influence of the Yucatan Current (YC) and a Trade Wind regime. The dataset includes water currents, bottom pressure, and surface waves complemented with(More)
Rising sea levels and temperature will be dominant drivers of coastal Everglades' foundation communities (i.e., mangrove forests, seagrass/macroalgae, and coral reefs) by 2060 based on a climate change scenario of +1.5 °C temperature, +1.5 foot (46 cm) in sea level, ±10 % in precipitation and 490 ppm CO2. Current mangrove forest soil elevation change in(More)
A mathematical model was developed that describes production of propionic acid by fermentation of sweet whey with Propionibacterium acidipropionici immobilized in calcium polygalacturonate beads in a fermentor-type stirred tank. This mathematical model is constituted by a partial differential equations system, which fits consumption, production, growth and(More)
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