Carlos Cerrada

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This paper is focused on the automatic construction of 3D basic-semantic models of inhabited interiors using laser scanners with the help of RFID technologies. This is an innovative approach, in whose field scarce publications exist. The general strategy consists of carrying out a selective and sequential segmentation from the cloud of points by means of(More)
RFID middleware is anticipated to one of the main research areas in the field of RFID applications in the near future. The Data EPC Acquisition System (DEPCAS) is an original proposal designed by our group to transfer and apply fundamental ideas from System and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems into the areas of RFID acquisition, processing and distribution(More)
In this paper we present a method that automatically yields Boundary Representation Models (B-rep) for indoors after processing dense point clouds collected by laser scanners from key locations through an existing facility. Our objective is particularly focused on providing single models which contain the shape, location and relationship of primitive(More)
A software product line is an engineering approach to efficient development of software product portfolios. Key to the success of the approach is to identify the common and variable features of the products and the interdependencies between them, which are usually modeled using feature models. Implicitly, such models also include valuable information that(More)
In this paper we present a method for automatic segmentation of 3D complex scenes from a single range image. A complex scene includes several objects with: irregular shapes, occlusion, the same colour or intensity level and placed in any pose. Unlike most existing methods which proceed with a set of images obtained from different viewpoints, in this work a(More)