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7 8 Abstract 9 This paper presents a multi-agent architecture that facilitates the development of real-time multi-agent systems based on the SIMBA 10 approach. The approach allows the integration of unbounded deliberative processes with critical real-time tasks. CBP-BDI deliberative 11 agents collaborate with ARTIS agents in order to solve real-time(More)
In this paper, a new agent model " specially " designed for the recent Android 1 Google SDK is presented, where the Android mobile phone can be considered agent software. This agent model has an approach more practical than theoretical because it uses abstractions which allow to implement it on various systems. The appearance of Android as an open system(More)
The agent/multi-agent system paradigm is an important field of Artificial Intelligence. The use of this paradigm in real-world problems is one of the main lines of interest in this area. To do this, it is necessary to make use of agent/multi-agent architectures and artefacts. This paper describes an architecture for real-time agents, an artefact (InSiDE)(More)
The use of the agent/multi-agent system paradigm has increased sharply as an important field of research within the Artificial Intelligence area. In recent times, the application of this paradigm seems appropriate for solving complex problems which require intelligence and bounded response times. This paper presents Simba : an architecture based on Artis(More)