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A number of recent publications have made use of the incremental output of stochastic parsers to derive measures of high utility for psycholinguistic modeling, following the work of Hale (2001; 2003; 2006). In this paper, we present novel methods for calculating separate lexical and syntactic surprisal measures from a single incremental parser using a(More)
Hierarchical HMM (HHMM) parsers make promising cognitive models: while they use a bounded model of working memory and pursue incremental hypotheses in parallel, they still achieve parsing accuracies competitive with chart-based techniques. This paper aims to validate that a right-corner HHMM parser is also able to produce complexity metrics, which quantify(More)
The purpose of this study is to develop automatic algorithms for the segmentation phase of radiotherapy treatment planning. We develop new image processing techniques that are based on solving a partial diferential equation for the evolution of the curve that identifies the segmented organ. The velocity function is based on the piecewise Mumford-Shah(More)
In our quest to explore molecules with chemically significant regions where the Fukui function is negative, we explored reactions where the frontier orbital that indicates the sites for electrophilic attack is not the highest occupied molecular orbital. The highest occupied molecular orbital (HOMO) controls the location of the regions where the Fukui(More)
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The prediction of reactivity is one of the long-standing objectives of chemistry, contributing to enforce the link between theory and experiment. In particular, the regioselectivity of aromatic molecules has motivated the proposal of different reactivity descriptors based on foundational theories, like Frontier Molecular Orbital (FMO) theory and density(More)
Children with autism with sensorimotor impairments found difficult to control their movements when responding to sensory stimuli. Neurologic music therapy, combining music and movement helps individuals with disabilities to better control their movements when following audible cues. In this paper, we present the iterative design process that led to the(More)
Children with autism have difficulties in controlling the strength and timing of their movements. Neurologic music therapy uses musical instruments to promote motor development in children with autism. However, most musical instruments are not appropriate to support control strength problems and coordination of movements in children with autism. In this(More)
Connected mobile applications will be a dominant software component in the 5G domain. Ensuring a correct and efficient behavior of the applications and devices becomes a critical factor for the mobile communications market to meet the expectations of final users. The EU project TRIANGLE is building a framework to help app developers and device manufacturers(More)
A justification for the likely presence of negative Fukui functions in molecules with small band gaps is given, and a computational study performed to check whether molecules with small band gaps have negative Fukui functions to a chemically significant extent is reported. While regions with negative Fukui functions were observed, significantly negative(More)