Carlos Carceller

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The design and physical implementation of hybrid folded rectangular waveguide filters providing multiple transmission zeros (TZs) below the passband are considered in this paper. These structures offer great flexibility to locate the TZs in a wide frequency range. Different implementations have been considered, each one offering certain advantages in terms(More)
The design of manifold-coupled multiplexers for wideband applications is considered in this paper. A systematic procedure, based on the sequential connection of filters to the manifold and subsequent adjustment of the interconnection elements, is presented. The filters are attached to the manifold without using stubs in order to minimize the effect of(More)
This paper addresses the design and development of advanced waveguide filters for passive intermodulation (PIM) measurement set-ups. After describing the severe specifications that such filters must met, some key guidelines to choose a particular filter configuration, response and layout are discussed. The design procedure is also briefly described. A(More)
We report nine cases of H. influenzae genital infections in women. Six patients had a total of 7 episodes of Bartholin glands abscess. One patient developed a post-caesarean endomyometritis on the 16th post-delivery day. The remaining patient developed an amniotic fluid infection in the 32nd week of pregnancy. All the nine H. influenzae strains were(More)