Carlos Caballero

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We propose a routing overlay system, MobCast, for simple and efficient routing to mobile hosts. Mobcast nodes advertise the same address space at each proxy location, and each mobile host is assigned a "universal" IP address from this address space, so packets sent to a mobile host's universal IP address automatically go to the nearest proxy on the overlay.(More)
With the strong growth of power devices into 2020 and beyond (5.3% CAGR from 2016&#x2013;2021<sup>[1]</sup>), average Si Epitaxial (epi) thickness has been increasing to support 400&#x2013; 1000V devices, the largest market segment in power. The current epi chamber offerings are primarily used for thin epi (&lt;20&#x00B5;m), in some cases for thicknesses up(More)
The last several decades have seen a growing trend in incorporating pedagogic conversational agents in interactive learning environments. Software systems have increasingly integrated intelligent virtual agents that can interact with students in natural language to fulfill specific tasks such as reviewing content or providing tutor training. The use of an(More)
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