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Natural hazards are significant problems that every year cause important loses around the world. A good prediction of the behavior of the hazards is a crucial issue to fight against them and to minimize the damages. The models that represent these phenomena need several input parameters and in many cases, such parameters are difficult to know or even to(More)
Wind speed and direction are parameters that affect forest fire propagation dramatically. So, an accurate estimation of such parameters is crucial to predict the fire propagation precisely. WindNInja is a wind field simulator that can easily be coupled to a forest fire propagation simulator such as FARSITE. However, wind field simulators present to main(More)
Forest fires cause important losses around the world every year. A good prediction of fire propagation is a crucial point to minimize the devastating effects of these hazards. Several models that represent this phenomenon and provide a prediction of its spread have been developed. These models need input parameters which are usually difficult to know or(More)
The Two-Stage forest fire spread prediction methodology was developed to enhance forest fire evolution forecast by tackling the uncertainty of some environmental conditions. However, there are parameters, such as wind, that present a variation along terrain and time. In such cases, it is necessary to couple forest fire propagation models and complementary(More)
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are a good candidate for RF interconnects, having better electrical as well as high frequency performance as compared to the conventional metals. To successfully integrate CNT to be in line with the industries trends, focus has to be placed on interfacial studies between electrode and CNT to obtain an effective conduction channel. In(More)
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