Carlos Bento

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1 Software design patterns are used in software engineering as a way to improve and maintain software systems. Patterns are abstract solutions to problem categories, and they describe why, how, and when can a pattern be applied. Their description is based on natural language which makes the automation of design patterns a difficult task. In this paper we(More)
Analogy is an important reasoning process in creative design. It enables the generation of new design artifacts using ideas from domains semantically distant. The retrieval phase is crucial to the generation of creative analogies, without a good set of candidate sources, the success of subsequent phases can be compromised. Two main types of retrieval have(More)
Paulo Gomes, Francisco C. Pereira, Paulo Paiva, Nuno Seco, Paulo Carreiro, José L. Ferreira and Carlos Bento Abstract. Software design is one of the most important phases in system development, due to crucial decisions that are made during this phase. The need for software being developed in less time puts a lot of pressure in the design phase. One way to(More)
Knowing where vacant taxis are and will be at a given time and location helps the users in daily planning and scheduling, as well as the taxi service providers in dispatching. In this paper, we present a predictive model for the number of vacant taxis in a given area based on time of the day, day of the week, and weather condition. The history is used to(More)
In this work, we analyze taxi-GPS traces collected in Lisbon, Portugal. We perform an exploratory analysis to visualize the spatiotemporal variation of taxi services; explore the relationships between pick-up and drop-off locations; and analyze the behavior in downtime (between the previous drop-off and the following pick-up). We also carry out the analysis(More)