Carlos Beltran

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A prototype system has been built to navigate a walking robot into a ship structure. The robot is equipped with a stereo head for monocular and stereo vision. From the CAD-model of the ship good viewpoints are selected such that the head can look at locations with sufficient features. The edge features for the views are extracted automatically. The pose of(More)
If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we'd be too simple to understand it. Acknowledgments I would like to thank all the persons that have helped me during my studies. The list would be extremely long, but all of them already know who they are! Among all I would like to thank especially my supervisor Giulio Sandini to have made everything(More)
This paper presents a vision system that ®nds and measures the location of 3D structures with respect to a CAD-model. The integration of a CAD-model to visual measurement and direct feedback of measurement results to the CAD is a key aspect. For the extraction of basic visual cues, independent and complementary modules are envisaged. The goal is that of(More)
The α-subunit of the cardiac voltage-gated sodium channel (NaV1.5) plays a central role in cardiomyocyte excitability. We have recently reported that NaV1.5 is post-translationally modified by arginine methylation. Here, we aimed to identify the enzymes that methylate NaV1.5, and to describe the role of arginine methylation on NaV1.5 function. Our results(More)
This contribution describes the work carried out by the INESC team, in collaboration with LIP, in order to increase testability features on the CMS ECAL upper-level readout and trigger system. To accomplish this purpose, (1) extension of boundary scan test of electronic boards to system level, (2) introduction of self test in ASICs, (3) defect-oriented test(More)
HIV in Chile has a notification rate of 0.01%. Coreceptor antagonists are a family of antiretroviral drugs that are used with the prior knowledge of patients HIV-1 tropism. Viral RNA-based tropism detection requires a plasma viral load ≥1000 copies/mL, while proviral DNA-based detection can be performed regardless of plasma viral load. This test is useful(More)
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