Carlos Becker

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An intrinsic characteristic of current projects in the area of sensor networks is the heterogeneity of hardware and application requirements. In addition, the requirements of current applications are expected to change over time. This makes developing, deploying, and optimizing sensor network applications an extremely difficult task. In this paper, we(More)
The aim of Green Cloud Computing is to achieve a balance between resource consumption and quality of service. In order to achieve this objective and to maintain the flexibility of the Cloud, dynamic provisioning and allocation strategies are needed to manage the internal settings of the Cloud, addressing oscillatory peaks of workload. In this context, we(More)
PURPOSE Based on our preclinic studies with autologous unfractionated bone marrow (AUBM) via coronary sinus with transitory occlusion, a clinic study in patients with chronic refractory angina was designed. The objectives were to evaluate tolerance of the procedure, safety, and feasibility with 1 year follow-up. METHODS AND MATERIALS Clinical study with(More)
Software cost estimation is a ubiquitous task in software project portfolio management. Analogy-based estimation approaches are particularly suitable to reuse past project experience to create estimate proposals. However, to find project data of past, similar projects, one usually must rely on similarity measures based on explicit project metrics, like a(More)
We present a powerful method to extract per-point semantic class labels from aerial photogrammetry data. Labelling this kind of data is important for tasks such as environmental modelling, object classification and scene understanding. Unlike previous point cloud classification methods that rely exclusively on geometric features, we show that incorporating(More)
Cloud computing technology is used as inexpensive systems to gather and utilize computational capability. This technology improves applications services by arranging machines and distributed resources in a single huge computational entity. Clouds consist of data centers which are owned by the same institute. The homogeneity within each data centre in the(More)
Das Konzept der Privatheit beschränkt sich nicht auf die Abgrenzung und den Schutz eines privaten Raumes vor staatlichen Eingriffen. Es ist zugleich konstitutiv für ein Demokratieverständnis, das über einen (grund-)rechtlichen Anspruch auf Selbstbestimmung hinaus geht, indem es zugleich die sozialen Bedingungen der Möglichkeit selbstbestimmten Handelns(More)
SQL Injection Attacks (SQLIAs) are very serious intrusion attacks on database driven web application because such attacks can lacks the confidentiality and integrity (security) of data (information) in databases. In reality, unauthorized person intrudes to the web database and then after accordingly, enter in the data. To prevent this type of attack various(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the specific risk for the variables: type 1 spontaneous pattern, type 1 induced pattern, type 1 pattern with spontaneous variability, syncope, family history of sudden death, atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter with the subsequent development of malignant arrhythmic events. METHODS Forty-three Brugada patients (90% males; mean age(More)