Carlos Becker Westphall

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Existing processes for patients' vital data collection require a great deal of labor work to collect, input and analyze the information. These processes are usually slow and errorprone, introducing a latency that prevents real-time data accessibility. This scenario restrains the clinical diagnostics and monitoring capabilities. We propose a solution to(More)
In today’s life providing security has become more cumbersome because of all the malicious possibilities in data transmission, so we need a system which makes data transmission more secure beyond encryption, passwords and digital signatures. The system that we are discussing in this thesis is an Intrusion Detection System, which is a platform that provides(More)
One of the network and services management problems is security, either in preventing attacks and using computational mechanisms to protect data and systems or in administrative matters, which involves not just what needs to be protected, but also what security service levels will be delivered. This paper explores Service Level Agreements for Security or(More)
Green Cloud Computing aims at a processing infrastructure that combines flexibility, quality of services, and reduced energy utilization. In order to achieve this objective, the management solution must regulate the internal settings to address the pressing issue of data center over-provisioning related to the need to match the peak demand. In this context,(More)
The services provided in clouds may represent an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness in the operations of the enterprise business, improving the cost-effectiveness related to services and resources consumption. However, there is concern about the privacy of data, since such data are outside the client’s domain. For these services to be effectively(More)
Centralized approaches to Network Management have demonstrated a clear inadequacy for efficient management of large and heterogeneous computer networks. Considerable research is being carried out on decentralized approaches for network management. This paper presents the work on a practical application of Distributed Artificial Intelligence for computer(More)
This work describes the effort to join two different approaches about the development of the Proactive Network Management. The first approach was developed in the Laboratory of Network and Management, at Federal University of Santa Catarina [2][3][4], which uses remote monitoring and simulation tools. And the second one, was developed in the National(More)