Carlos B. Mantilla

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BACKGROUND There is limited information about the frequency of perioperative complications after elective primary orthopedic total hip and knee arthroplasty in contemporary practice. The purpose of this study was to determine the frequency of clinically relevant myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism, deep venous thrombosis, and death within 30 days(More)
Endothelium-dependent relaxations mediated by NO are impaired in a mouse model of human atherosclerosis. Our objective was to characterize the mechanisms underlying endothelial dysfunction in aortas of apolipoprotein E (apoE)-deficient mice, treated for 26 to 29 weeks with a lipid-rich Western-type diet. Aortic rings from apoE-deficient mice showed impaired(More)
Human myometrial contraction plays a fundamental role in labor. Dysfunction of uterine contraction is an important cause of labor progression failure. Although the mechanisms controlling uterine contraction are not completely understood, intracellular Ca2+ mobilization plays an important role during uterine contraction. Several mechanisms of intracellular(More)
BACKGROUND The role of preoperative gabapentin in postoperative pain management is not clear, particularly in patients receiving regional blockade. Patients undergoing thoracotomy benefit from epidural analgesia but still may experience significant postoperative pain. We examined the effect of preoperative gabapentin in thoracotomy patients. METHODS(More)
Sarcopenia, defined as muscle weakness and fiber atrophy, of respiratory muscles such as the diaphragm (DIAm) has not been well characterized. The DIAm is the main inspiratory muscle and knowledge of DIAm sarcopenia is important for establishing the effects of aging on respiratory function. We hypothesized that aging is associated with a loss of DIAm force(More)
In the adult rat, there is a general correspondence between the sizes of motoneurons, motor units, and muscle fibers that has particular functional importance in motor control. During early postnatal development, after the establishment of singular innervation, there is rapid growth of diaphragm muscle (Dia(m)) fibers. In the present study, the association(More)
CONTEXT Pancreatic cancer is an aggressive tumor associated with high mortality. Optimal pain control may improve quality of life (QOL) for these patients. OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that neurolytic celiac plexus block (NCPB) vs opioids alone improves pain relief, QOL, and survival in patients with unresectable pancreatic cancer. DESIGN, SETTING,(More)
Many individuals who sustain a cervical spinal cord injury are unable to maintain adequate ventilation due to diaphragm muscle paralysis. These patients become dependent on mechanical ventilators and this situation is associated with ongoing problems with pulmonary clearance, infections, and lung injury leading to significant morbidity and reduced life(More)
We hypothesized that considerable force reserve exists for the diaphragm muscle (DIAm) to generate transdiaphragmatic pressures (Pdi) necessary to sustain ventilation. In rats, we measured Pdi and DIAm EMG activity during different ventilatory (eupnea and hypoxia (10% O(2))-hypercapnia (5% CO(2))) and non-ventilatory (airway occlusion and sneezing induced(More)
Skeletal muscle force generation and contraction are fundamental to countless aspects of human life. The complexity of skeletal muscle physiology is simplified by fiber type classification where differences are observed from neuromuscular transmission to release of intracellular Ca(2+) from the sarcoplasmic reticulum and the resulting recruitment and(More)